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Desert Series Curated Batik Bundles for Individual Patterns

First add your pattern to your cart, then from this product choose fabric bundle curated by Susan Cranshaw to make your project.  You will need add other batiks to your project, but this is a generous bundle of chosen fabrics to help you begin your raw-edge fusible applique art. If you order 2 bundles for the same project, you will likely get mostly different fabrics in similar color schemes, so you can have a wider variety of choice.

Fabric bundles have a total of 1 1/4 yards of Batiks chosen for their fabulous color, contrast, pattern and movement for your particular pattern.  These fabrics have pep and versatility.  They are the beginning of a great art quilt.  Add small bits and pieces of bright colors from your batik collection to add character to your art quilt.  Though the Bluebonnet bundle will include more blues and the Yellow Rose more yellows, for example, colors are not exclusive to the one pattern.  As you purchase additional fabric bundles and other patterns, you can mix and match to make your Horned Toad or Roadrunner, etc. unique to your own creativity.

Because availability of fabrics change from order to order, we will not have the exact fabrics Susan used for her art quilts.  That is why she curated and bundled these fabrics to give you a head start.  Begin to see bits and pieces of a design as a texture to a Longhorn, a feather on a Roadrunner, a crevice on a rock, a cactus and more.