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Linda Hasselberg ~ Hassle-Free Patterns

Fabric Collage:  Simplifying the Complex

When the Textile Collage patterns began arriving to the shop, Linda and her team became interested in trying it to help her clients understand how it worked. Requests for classes began. Intimidated by the complexity of these patterns, students both feared and desired to create beautiful collages.  That is when Linda, who loves to simplify complex patterns, became obsessed with this art form.  From Workshops and 3-Day retreats to guild lectures, Linda loves to encourage others that they can create a collage masterpiece using a published pattern and then, if they choose, branch out to design their own.  

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Group Workshop or Presentation
Hassle-Free Patterns are Linda's designs with simplifying complex patterns as her goal.  She has created several collage patterns, including Llarry Llama and the Sunflower Collage.  Coming soon are a series of other wildflowers, such as Indian Blanket, Indian Paintbrush, Bluebonnet, Black-Eyed Susan and more.


"I enjoyed myself more than I have in a long time!" -MaryBeth

"I thought this would intimidate me, but I love it!" -Carol

"I've wanted to learn this for so long, bought the pattern, but was afraid to start. It was so much fun!" -Sharon