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                                                                                              Located at                                                                  704 FM 2325
Wimberley, Texas 78676

We want you to be on the 'cutting edge' with all your sharpening needs.

Service Prices




  • Sewing Scissors                                 $10
    • Pinking Shears                           $15
    • Industrial Shears                        $12.50
  • Paper Cutter Blades                            $10
  • Salon Shears                                       $20
  • Hair Clippers                                        $6.50 per side
  • Dog Shears                                          $15
  • Specialty Scissors /Clippers              Bring in / Call with Quote (Saturdays)
  • Quilter’s Rotary Blades                      $4.50 each  (starts in Jan 2020) 28mm - 60mm
  • Knives (Steak, pocket, etc)                $1.50 / inch -$5 minimum each
  • Chef's Knives                                      $1.50 / inch - $5 minimum each
  • Outdoor Equipment Blades               Bring in / Call with Quote
    • Lawnmower Blades, Hedge and Tree Trimmers, Clippers, etc.


Any other items needing sharpening, scissors/blades with damage will be quoted on inspection.
Cleaning Fee - $5 (please remove anything sticky, grimy to avoid this fee)
Damage that can be re-sharpened - up to $25

You will be called upon completion.  Please pick up within one week of call unless otherwise arranged.



Precision Sharpening of your Rotary Blades, Scissors,
Knives, Outdoor Equipment Blades and more.

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