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Couldn't wait to tell you!!!

May 20, 2020

We have been talking to so many people who have picked up sewing again or are sewing for the first time.  It's SEW exciting.  Welcome to all of you who are enjoying this new or re-newed love of all things fabric and thread!  And welcome back to all of our wonderful sewing and quilting family after our LONG isolation!

At the end of this newsletter is a link to a quick survey that we would really appreciate your filling out for us to help us with our customer service.  Thank you!

                                                                                                                                                                           I am so happy to have ya'll in the store again!!!

We are continuing our one-on-one shopping appointments at 12, 1, 2, and 3 pm throughout May.

So sign up online or call if you aren't able to sign up for an appointment and we can help you.  You'll find the link on our website   

Wear your mask and we'll wear ours.  We have sanitizer and one-time-use gloves available.   

Who knows what protects us and what doesn't, but this is what we are doing for now.

                           We have some exciting news!

We are temporarily closing for in-store shopping June 1 - 15.  At that time we are moving everything out of the shop area because we are remodeling! 

Plans are to keep the Hill Country Rock House feel, but add space. After this first stage is finished, then we will be doubling the size of the front shop for even more fabric display room. 

And you know what that means?!  More room to shop!!!! 

It is all so exciting and we are so grateful to Merilyn and Rafael and their awesome construction and design team!

              The tentative plan right now is to re-open June 16th.  If anything changes we will let you know ASAP, but... for now, please plan all your projects for in-store purchases by May 30.  As soon as we're all organized we will have online purchases for curbside pickup.  Ya'll got this!  You did great during our Curbside Only period so we will help you get what you need for this short period, too.  We appreciate your support and encouragement.  I will continue longarm quilting your tops during this time and The Cutting Edge Precision Sharpening will be available for sharpening.                                                   

After this remodel, we will be opening 10 am - 5 pm again! We will open 12-5 without appointments, but probably continue the mask requirement for a season.  Of course if you prefer an appointment, we will have the hours of 10 & 11 set aside for you to shop privately.  And of course we will continue to provide curbside delivery for as long as anyone prefers that method of shopping with us.  We want each of you to be comfortable with your choices without judgement.  We are just being cautious and sanitizing to keep everyone safe.

We have some great specials 'til the end of the month...

ALL of our patterns and books are 25% off.  If you shop online, use code B&P25

And we have moved a bunch of precuts and panels into our SALE category online. Limited to stock on hand.  Some only have one available.
Code P25.      Click Here to see the Sale Precuts and Panels

Allegro Kit
54 x 69
Beautiful Fabrics
Complete Kit - $139
Save $20
Pre-Order Price -
$119 extended to 5/29

"Signs of Spring"
Laser-Cut Cardinal and Quilt Kit
includes Cardinal, Pattern, all fabrics
for top, back and binding
Only 4 left -- $79

Laser-cut Cardinal & Pattern - $29

Link to a quick survey.  Please click here.

                    Stay Safe
                         & Keep Sewing
                              & Quilting
                                   & Shopping at Wimberley Stitch Studio

                                                                     *Linda, Rich and the Stitch Studio Team*