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Clearing it up

I offered these panels as a discounted preorder in my last email.  They will cost 44.99 each for a  56x77 panel.   

If you want to order it to have it quilted, my wording was...

"If you love it as is and want it quilted, order it and 3 1/3 yards your choice of backing and I will quilt it including batting for $100.  Binding extra.  Your order will go in the queue in order received."

My apologies if this was confusing.  The regular cost of quilting this size, with batting and thread fees would be about $140.  So it is a $40 discount.

If you order 3 1/3 yards of backing at 12.99 = 43.29   or a solid at  7.99 = 26.63
Panel                                                             44.99
Quilting, including batting and thread fee        100.00
If you want binding fabric and applied            40.00   
Thank you for your patience as we clarified this for everyone!