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We Can Do It!

See our video requesting mask donations dropped off at the Stitch Studio

Quilters & Sewists,

  Wimberley Stitch Studio is closed to the public during this self-quarantine until further notice.  We are open online for curb-side pickup and priority shipping.  We can handle any orders and have been busy with curb side for mask-making materials.  We are out of elastic, but have orders being shipped to us.  If you'd like to purchase anything, please call or order online.  We are taking great care to sanitize and it's just us (Rich and Linda) at the shop right now.  If you're doing curb-side, please call our shop (512-808-0490) when you get to the gate.  We will open, deliver to the car and close the gate when you leave.

There is a great need for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)... in other words, fabric masks.  You can help with this.    There is no preferred pattern across the board.  Medical facilities are doing without masks of any kind, so any we can make will help.  I will post links for patterns below and you can choose.  What I'm hearing is the curved ones work well, pockets for filter materials are great, but not absolutely necessary, elastic is easier to put on, but elastic is hard to come by right now, so ties will work.  Just make them long enough.  The ones with bound edges that have an opening for the ties or elastic on the sides help it to fit the face better.  SO... this is uncharted ground, just make some!  Please!

We have a blue tote outside our gate with a rock on top.  It is beside the turquoise sewing machine table. With gloves or napkins, please bag your masks and place inside.  Don't add other materials, unless you have 1/4 or 1/8 inch elastic to donate.  Secure the lid.  We prefer drop-offs between noon and 4 pm daily.  We will empty each day and get the mask to medical personnel that need them desperately.

We have a hospital nearby that has no masks and medical personnel are exposed daily.  Not good.  We need to get them 100 masks for one floor.
We got a call from Elite Patient Care requesting 1000 masks to meet their need.  They will take whatever we can get them.  (Letter request at the end of this email.)

If you have questions, please email me.
Thank you so much for all your help.
Rich and I are praying for all of you and appreciate your prayers, too.

Make one for yourself, but... when you absolutely have to be out, take it off when you get home, wash your hands and wash it so it's ready for the next time.  Be safe!  Stay home ... LAY LOW AND SEW!!!

Keep checking on your website and on facebook.  I am posting daily inspiration and patterns so that after the mask-making need is done, you can be busy making beautiful projects!!! Please share your projects with us!  We want to be inspired, too!

Letter received:
I am the Regional Medical Director in Texas for Elite Patient Care; one of the largest independent post acute care companies in the country. We provide patient care at a variety of sites, including Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care Facilities. Many of our colleagues also work in the hospitals systems as well, in Hays, Travis, and Williamson counties.
We are trying our best to ensure that all patients we encounter receive the quality of care that they deserve during these trying times, however, our providers now find themselves without adequate supplies to safely and effectively treat our country's most fragile, high risk individuals.
The supply chain for this equipment is stressed and broken, and securing adequate supplies for the providers to do their jobs safely are no where in sight, from hospitals to doctors offices.
Many of our hospitals have now issued our physicians 1 mask for their continued use without any knowledge of when they will receive their next, in order to ration supplies.
Many of our colleagues in the skilled nursing facilities do not have enough supplies supplied by the facilities themselves to safely and effectively see their patients there, and this is all prior to the influx of sick Covid patients we expect to see over the next few weeks to months as this crisis really ramps up.
As of last week, our providers have begun making our own masks at home in order to, as safely as possible, continue to see patients.
In efforts to scale this and decrease their burden to ensure their safety and allow them to focus their time and efforts on treating patients, we are asking for help from all of our communities in achieving this goal.
Any help each of you can offer during this time of crisis would be greatly appreciated by those who are on the front lines treating patients without the appropriate, necessary safety equipment, because their desire to help others is put in front of their own safety.
Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter, and we wish you and your family our best wishes in this time of crisis.
Brian J.Cooper, D.O.