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Presenting The Cutting Edge Precision Sharpening

Wimberley Stitch Studio

is very happy to present you
with a wonderful service.
Opening this Saturday, July 20.

It all started with a discussion with my husband, Rich Hasselberg, about how many rotary blades we use and throw away. 
His mechanical engineering experience, his years of precision sharpening and some research led him to finding professional equipment to sharpen our quilting rotary blades, as well as scissors, knives and other blades.
As he is nearing retirement from his quality engineering field, he is joining the business with me at Wimberley Stitch Studio in his new business,
The Cutting Edge
Precision Sharpening.

Bring your scissors, knives, rotary blades
and any other sharpening to the Stitch Studio!
$10 per pair of sewing scissors
$1.50/inch on knife blades ($5 minimum)
$3.50 per rotary blade 
Discount on multiples.