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Modern Quilt Techniques

Modern Quilt Techniques
Starting in January
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2019 Modern Quilting Techniques

" I will be teaching this class with use of Elizabeth Hartman’s book entitled “Modern Patch Work.”  It has 12 patterns for modern quilts.   I think there is a lot to learn from these various blocks, such as curved pieces, hexagon pieces, diamond shapes, use of templates, and much about color considerations, etc.  Every month there will be a different block to learn.  The idea is to learn a new block each month.  Linda has offered to let people stay after class for an extra few hours to continue making the blocks if there is one that really peaks your interest.   If there is one that you know you would want to make a quilt of, then you would be set to carry on further to accomplish that.  This is not necessarily a class to urge you to make a quilt every month, although that would be very admirable;-) "     ~Patrice Meffley

Starting in January, Patrice Meffley will be teaching a 2-hour 3rd Saturday class in which you will learn to make a dozen modern quilts in a year.

It runs like a BOM, in that you register for a full year of classes and will receive instruction for each block during the 2-hour class time, but you can stay in the classroom and finish up your block for an additional 2 hours, if desired.  Each month, you will receive a store discount on class day.