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Collage Tools and Patterns

During my workshops, l share the types of tools and materials that I like to use:


Any collage pattern (Laura Heine, Emily Taylor, Susan Carlson, Linda Hasselberg or any other) 
Karen K. Buckley serrated-edge scissors 
Foundations and/or Backgrounds (which are explained in the video) 
Applique Pressing Sheet  (parchment paper can be used, but the pressing sheet is better, in my opinion) 
Marking tools (pencil, pen, wash away marking tool, frixion pen) 
Lightbox  (optional, but very useful) 
HOT iron (a good, hot iron is necessary) 
Mister Perfect (Misting Spray Bottle)*
*I don't put water in my iron and prefer to mist my project to steam it when finished
Glue (any fabric-safe permanent glue is okay, but I use alleen's fabric fusion)

Lite Steam-a-Seam 2 (LSAS2) * (several yards, depending on the size of your pattern)  *You will need a lot more LSAS2 than you think, but don't bulk buy unless you're sure you will use it up timely because it does deteriorate with age and heat.


Fabric:   A little bit of a LOT of different fabrics.  1/8 yard of each or a piece from your stash is usually plenty depending on the pattern.

Reminder:  All my students receive a 10% discount on supplies and patterns for my workshops.  If purchasing online, request the discount code for your class.




NOTE:  The featured products below are usually in stock at the shop and available for shipping online, but if it shows it is not in stock, please contact me to order because they sell out quickly and I reorder as quickly as I can.  If you are ordering for a workshop or retreat, please order a couple of weeks in advance so we will have it before your class!

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