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Frequently Asked Questions

Class Policies and Information

What are the class policies for registration and cancellation?
  • Class Information and Policies:

    There is no longer refund or store credit for any class unless cancelled by the teacher or the quilt shop. Please check your schedule and be sure of your availability before registering for class.  Your spot is held and becomes part of the number required for the class to make and it wouldn't be fair for the other students who signed up to have it cancelled.  If you find you can't make it to class, please do your best to find someone who would like to take your place in class. And let us know because if we have someone on the waiting list, we can transfer them to your spot. This would allow a refund if they pay for this spot.

    Most of our classes are a minimum of 3 students, depending on the teacher's requirements. Please understand that if registration does not reach 3 students, it may need to be rescheduled or cancelled.  If you know of others who may enjoy a class, please tell them.  Our teachers love to share their passion and it's fun to have a full class!  If a class you want is full, please let us know so we can add another class to our schedule.

    You must register 7 days prior to class day. Registration within the 7 days prior is usually okay, but at the discretion of the teacher and Stitch Studio.

    Cancellation of class by the teacher or Stitch Studio will be announced as soon as we know.  This kind of cancellation will offer you a full refund of teaching fee or store credit, your choice.
    If you are taking a multiple day class and find you will miss one class, teachers try to make time for a make-up class so you don't fall behind, but please let the teacher know as soon as you know to be sure that will be possible.
    Thank you for your understanding concerning cancellations, refunds and credits.   We are trying to be fair for everyone involved.
    For multiple day classes, you may leave your machine and supplies in the classroom at your own risk.  We will take every effort to lock and secure your belongings, but we are not responsible for any loss beyond our control.
    Each student receives a 10% discount on any class needs prior to class day and on any other regular-priced fabric, pattern or notion purchase on the day of the class. No other discounts apply.
    Wimberley Stitch Studio provides use of irons and ironing stations, cutting mats and design boards.  Any other tools will need to be purchased or brought to class.   Occasionally, teachers may bring specialty tools for class use, but the teacher will provide this information and a supply list prior to class.  If you need to purchase a tool or any supplies for your class, please let Wimberley Stitch Studio know at least 7 days prior to class so we can be sure to have plenty in stock.  Again the 10% class discount will apply.
    Please email with any comments about classes and teachers, both praise and constructive criticism.  It's the way we grow and improve.  We appreciate your input.